God bless Mykonos (and the USA, and Lefkada)

My partner in crime (refusing to disclose names) is helping with the metamorphosis of this pathetic blog. In the meantime, I am recovering from a glorious trip to America, Lefkas, and Mykonos. 



Instagram folks. As you can see, I have a fetish for red eggs at this time of year.

My laptop died on Good Friday. How fitting.

Reporting from Greece. We are deep in meditation and fasting (OK, maybe I'm exxagerating, although I have attempted to be a vegetarian for 4 weeks now) in the lead up to the grandiose Easter Sunday festivities of roasting lambs on spits while sipping on ouzo and masticha. This picture was taken last year. For more, check us out Twitter (https://twitter.com/mylittlebaklava) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/mylittlebaklava). 



bonne année

It's 2014. We're still idle. Much more happening over on Instagram. http://instagram.com/mylittlebaklava

Working on transforming this blog into a more user-friendly hub for all of you. Coming to your hometown later on this year. Until then, happy cooking.

My mother's Vassilopita. A beautiful almond cake celebrating the New Year. 


We have been idle, καλό καλοκαίρι

I seem to have gravitated towards Twitter and Instagram, and working on a different platform for a website/blog. Meantime, check out some lovely pictures. Summer is here. Frappe time. here: http://instagram.com/mylittlebaklava


Happy 2013

All I can say is 2012 was a ridiculously busy year, and may 2013 bring everyone much health, joy, and good food, and even better wine.

Meantime, we're working on developing a new website. Stay tuned.  And also check-out my Facebook page.


New recipes from 'The Cooking Odyssey' Season 2

New recipes from the 2nd season of 'The Cooking Odyssey' on PBS are now available online.  Please check the website here. And for those with a sweet tooth, check out the baked quince recipe!