Une nouvelle vie

The Greek has landed in Geneva. And I already made a friend on the train. I thoroughly enjoyed my last koulouri Thessalonikis from my bakery back home this morning. Marietta, Lydia, and Stelina saw me off. My last night in Athens was spent in the midst of family lunch in Varkiza, a visit to play with my niece and nephew, a birthday party, and ending up at a jazz cafe where my housemate Markos was playing with his band. I will miss the Motherland. Lot's of love from Switzerland.


oh figs

For all you fans of cooking shows back in America, please tune into your local PBS station and watch the long anticipated series 'The Cooking Odyssey', which I am hosting. One of my all time favourite recipes has been posted on the show's website. It's cheese pie made with a mixture of lovely cheeses and dried figs. Fresh figs, in season, are best (if you can get them locally produced). Aglaia Kremezi once told me, and quite accurately, that 'figs don't travel'.

Here's a link to the recipe - and please log onto the show's website. http://bit.ly/gkxlGK


go to bed

Profoundly jet-lagged from the trip to the USA. the fact I don't have internet back in Greece or a working elevator in Neratziotisa when you have 3 bags to lug - not cool. Exciting times back in the States. The Cooking Odyssey has premiered in NYC and LA, and is being rolled out across other stations of PBS throughout the country. Tres exciting, indeed.

Got some hiking done back in the States, worked, got stuck in Boston because of a blizzard (but Cambridge is one of the loveliest cities in America I think), and managed to get my batches of American peanut butter (since AB Vasilopoulos needs to drop their prices on Skippy before I ever consider buying a jar).

I cannot sleep. First full day in Athens. Off to Geneva in two weeks. More tomorrow folks. Over and out. Good night.


Chefs Ferran Adriá, Juan Mari Arzak and José Andrés on 'the future of food'

Chefs Ferran Adriá, Juan Mari Arzak and José Andrés on 'the future of food'

I love Ferran Adriá! Check this article on the future of food. My favourite quote of his, and he's spot-on is "When I hear we do strange things, I don't get it. For me, it's more strange to have a ham and cheese sandwich with Coke."