how the hell are we going to feed ourselves

Nature (my beloved scientific journal) has a series of articles on food, agriculture, and the implications of the rise of global population. The take-home message from the debate for me is the lack of public spending on agricultural research on the part of the richest nations.

This also brings me back to what ecologist and Oxford don Dr. Malcolm Coe lectured a month ago at Magdalen College - there are simply too many of us on this planet.. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak in your lifetime, you will consider yourself very privileged.

the two things I owe you

Talk about being late. My update from the 2010 Oxford Symposium, and the recipes from the cooking class at Magdalen College to be posted. I promise. Seriously. Off to the village tomorrow in the Peloponnese to get olive oil for the house.

au revoir Jamie's, bonjour Athina

Athens is lovely. Last week I went to this wonderful restaurant called Kuzina in the area of Thisio. This is the second time I have been there, and one of their signature dishes is loukoumades stuffed with feta and olives, served with a pomegranate sauce. Unbelievably delicious.

It's good to be home. Will keep you all posted on the airing of the Cooking Odyssey back in the US. For more - check the facebook group.