good bye Drucker

The loveliest bunch of students left today. More to come on the big feast we cooked two nights ago at Magdalen College. Safe travels, my friends.


AIDS conference in Vienna

I'm more excited about this week's World AIDS conference in Vienna than food. Impressive results coming out of a study that showcased the efficacy of a microbicide (with 1% tenofovir) in women. Good news on the HIV prevention front for women.

the price of olive oil is going up

this was bound to happen. Article from a few days ago in The Independent on how Greek olive oil producers are piling up their stocks - and the effect this is having on costs for consumers. Lucky me, I have home made olive oil from Avramiou.


vegetarian recipe special in The Guardian's OFM

More to report on the Oxford Symposium from last week which was fantastic! I am writing an article for it and will post in a few days back to the blog.

But in the meantime, enjoy an array of vegetarian recipes in today's Guardian. Woo hoo! Nigel Slater has a gorgeous recipe for baked peppers with a summer sauce.