the state of Greek gastronomy

An interesting article in the Washington Post regarding the impact of the financial crisis on the Athens food scene. Kouragio.


peach zabaglione

but with a twist. I'm thinking of making this as a dessert special in the restaurant, but instead of egg yolks, I'll take some mascarpone with double cream and orange zest. The base will be peaches cooked off with some caster sugar and Vin Santo (or Marsala).


argument with George - what do we make for dinner?

My beloved mate Magdis is visiting from Paris, and he's busting my b*lls. He's not keen on carbohydrates, since he's on the Atkins diet. So this equates to no pastichio, no gemista, and no moussaka. Although I have figured I can substitute the potato in moussaka for more aubergine. Any recommendations?


tea and cakes in London? Go to Louis Pâtisserie

Delightfully awesome. Hands down.
This place is incredible. It's a little Hungarian pastry shop right around the exit of the Hampstead tube stop. It's the most charming little place ever, a recent discovery of mine, as I stopped on my way to a friend's birthday BBQ. Since Greeks prefer pastries to wine when visiting a household, I stayed consistent with that practice. Truth be told, it reminded me of Xatzis' pâtisserie in my omorfh Thessaloniki by Kamara.

I purchased a chocolate mousse cake slice, along with a piece of tiramisu for £5.20. Since I only had £5 on me, I reassured the endearing lady at the front that I would blog about her shop. Time Out London has some excellent reviews of this Hampstead stablishment.

Please go. You most definitely will not be disappointed.