our food and dirty bugs

this biochemist from Brazil has a great website on foods, their biochemical constitution and on food safety.

I particularly like his section on food-borne diseases.  This is why I don't eat bush meat.

oxford Symposium at St. Catherine's College this September

For anyone interested, follow this link.  Raymond Blanc is one of the folks that's helping put this amazing conference on, right in our own backyard in Oxford.


where the **** is the Greek olive oil?

Those of you who know me know I NEVER swear (I can see the eyes rolling right now). But what's up with this article on yahoo.com today (nice advise on the different kinds of oils for cooking) that doesn't even mention olive oil from the Motherland.  With all my infatuation with Italy, its people, and their cuisine - I will stand my ground on the glory of olive oil from Kalamata, Crete, and other corners of Greece.

But then again, maybe it's our fault in not promoting the olive oil industry outside of Greece.  That's where I tip my hat off to Italy and Spain.  If you want to argue with me go into any of the supermarkets in Britain or the UK.  You will see for yourself the plethora of Italian olive oil bottles.

Have a beautiful week folks.  Happy birthday to my nephew again.  I owe him a big chocolate cake when I see him this summer.

happy birthday to my little nephew

Being far away from family is such a pain.  I missed my little nephew's birthday yesterday (although I did call, and he is getting his present today).  Na mas ziseis kai na se xairomaste agorina mou!


salmonella outbreak in alfalfa sprouts

Just got my weekly MMWR from the CDC.  There was a rare serotype outbreak of salmonella (known as Saintpaul) in the US.  Associated with alfalfa sprouts (which don't hear about much in the press).

are we going bananas?

A great blog (in Greek) by a good mate back home.  It's incredibly witty and captures the edge of life in Athens.  



greece - the dark side

I found one of my favourite Greek bloggers, and this post is classic.  It addresses all that is wrong with my home.


want to be a chef for the day at Gee's in Oxford?

If so, the Oxford Gastronomy Society is bringing you a very exciting event!  

When? May 20, 2009 (Week 4)
Where? Gee's Restaurant, Banbury Rd. Oxford
Time? 7:00pm

It is time to embrace the great tastes of one of Oxfordshire’s most exciting restaurants! Gee’s is the highly acclaimed establishment of British contemporary cuisine on Banbury Rd. in North Oxford, and we are excited to host the premiere OGS event for Trinity Term at this very special restaurant.

Head chef Mark Constanble is giving the opportunity to five members of OGS to put on their chef’s jacket, apron, and hat – and join him in the kitchen to prepare a fantastic three-course dinner by candlelight for 25 members of our society. These five lucky commis chefs will have a very unique experience by getting an inside look at what it takes to create some of Gee’s signature dishes.

Tickets are £25 for a three-course dinner, which also includes wine. Priority members. Email maria_kyriacou@yahoo.co.uk for ticket purchase and if you are interested in being a chef of the day.  Checks can be pidged to Maria Kyriacou, Department of Education, U. of Oxford, 15 Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 6PY.


Jersey Crab Cocktail
Jersey Brill with Shellfish Crust, Crushed New Potatoes and Beurre Blanc
Summer Pudding, Jersey Cream

For more, please visit Gee's website: www.gees-restaurant.co.uk/


i'm about to strip naked out of joy - Waitrose is coming to Headington

amazing honey

wonderful sun-dried tomatoes

my Greek and Italian olives

The subject of my post explains it all.  Tomorrow, rumour has it Waitrose will open its doors on Old High Street in my little neighbourhood called Headington.  Yay!  I love their cheese selection, their olives, their produce, their desserts, everything.  My favourite supermarket as far as choice and quality.



I have been keeping up with the current outbreak of swine influenza (which is not exactly the right name, since it's a recombinant of human, swing + avian influenza strains).  As an epidemiologist, this is a fascinating and really concerning outbreak.  I'm not sure about all the pig culling happening in some countries that haven't even reported any cases.  In fact, I find it inappropriate. 

The UN's Food and Agricultural Organization even noted that countries should try to focus their efforts on disease surveillance and strengthening biosecurity measures instead of mass culling.

In the meantime, I'm still going to have my pork belly roast this weekend.