where the **** is the Greek olive oil?

Those of you who know me know I NEVER swear (I can see the eyes rolling right now). But what's up with this article on yahoo.com today (nice advise on the different kinds of oils for cooking) that doesn't even mention olive oil from the Motherland.  With all my infatuation with Italy, its people, and their cuisine - I will stand my ground on the glory of olive oil from Kalamata, Crete, and other corners of Greece.

But then again, maybe it's our fault in not promoting the olive oil industry outside of Greece.  That's where I tip my hat off to Italy and Spain.  If you want to argue with me go into any of the supermarkets in Britain or the UK.  You will see for yourself the plethora of Italian olive oil bottles.

Have a beautiful week folks.  Happy birthday to my nephew again.  I owe him a big chocolate cake when I see him this summer.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

You know what, I agree with you!!!!

Kalamata Olive Oil is some of the best! Granted I have only had the commercial kinds, but even at that, the commercial ones are the best!

I got some awesome olive oil during my recent trip to Italy (produced by the agroturismo that we stayed at) but beyond that, if I am looking for olive oil at the store, I am going for Kalamata!!!

Yannis said...

word....I totally agree with you (albeit I'm biased towards Kalamata olive oil)....when i'm next in your neck of the woods, I will bring you a bottle of olive oil from our village......home made. :)

Lalù said...

Am I a total philistine for deciding on price? I love olive oil from the motherland, I do, but when it comes down to it, in my neighborhood Greek olive oil is 4 times more expensive than oil of the same quality from Italy.
Yianni, if you are doing the rounds, I want a bottle too!!!!