i saw the world's best chef

Ferran Adrià. Last night. In London, at the Royal Festival Hall, along with my culinary colleague and mate, Susan Jane Murray. The owner and managers of Trinity, one of London's most beloved new restaurants, joined Susan and myself in what was an evening presentation by the head chef of the Catalan gem called El Bulli, touted as the world's best restaurant.

Adria is the inspiration for the likes of Heston Blumenthall and company. He doesn't particularly like to subscribe to the term 'molecular gastronomy', but they general public associates his name with those two words. You can tell, and as he articulated last night, that for Adria food is culture, which entails a whole dynamic of art, tradition, regional pallets, and national expression. I am totally getting into liquid nitrogen and applying some of his techniques to my repertoire.

Two days ago, I bought the recently published and highly anticipated book (for only £25 although it looks like I spent £70) by Adria on the daily operations of El Bulli, which up until now, where enigmatic. I love this book. I was expecting maybe an audience of 30-40 people, and the prospects of having this deity sign my copy. Sadly, there were 900 people in the hall (why I didn't anticipate this, who knows) and needless to say, I will have to wait for Adria's John Hancock.

I'm so applying to work at his restaurant for free. I'll wash dishes just to be in that kitchen. And speaking of kitchens, American Thanksgiving is upon us and I will be writing tomorrow a special post on my preparations. It will be celebrated with special friends (largely Oxonians) living in London. Until then, sweet dreams.

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Handan Pusatcioglu said...

I heard about "el bulli" from my husband, who is in restaurant management, years ago. It gives me great joy to see how you, like my husband, have been captivated by this particular chef and his restaurant. Yes, you are not alone!

I accidentally found your blog and I have loved it, your take on food and culture is generous...thank you for sharing!