Merry Christmas

So incredibly belated.  But better late than ever.  I spent the majority of my time in Athens after my friend Elena's glorious wedding with a fever and the flu.  Thankfully, I had the attention and care of my friend and housemate from England, Lydia - and her mother.  I can't say enough about my friend Stelina, who in the process of keeping me company as I was passed out in bed, caught my bug.

I don't know where to begin and where to end.  Greece was complex.  But beautiful as always. Time with relatives and friends is always precious.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to take a train trip up to my beloved Thessaloniki to see the rest of the family and my archery teammates. 

And despite the social climate and political unrest in Athens, I still managed to enjoy kourabiedes, souvlakia, melomakarona kai paidakia (not necessarily all in that order).

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