happy Greek July 4th

Well, it's more like happy March 25th.  Greek Independence Day today!  Let us be thankful for peace and prosperity.  I would prefer to be in Thessaloniki eating bakaliaro with skordalia, but alas, I'll wait until next year.

The tradition fried cod with garlic sauce is eaten all over Greek households on this day.  I had the most beautiful bakaliaro two years ago at my friend Alexi's house in Neapoli (a charming area of Thessaloniki). 

The legendary Hlias Mamalakis has a beautiful recipe with a twist on the more traditional version on Youtube.com.

Χρόνια μας πολλά!


Yannis said...

Kalofagas has a wonderful recipe on bakaliaro he's just posted!

Maria said...

Xronia Polla -- took the day off from cooking and enjoyed some bakaliaro, skordalia and pantzaria at my parents' house yesterday. I'd been waiting for weeks to have that dinner!