fresh Kalamata figs with anthotiro

For one portion. Figs + cheese = a marriage in heaven. I made this dessert last night for my friends Alexi and Daphne.

- 1 large fresh fig, washed and quartered
- 3/4 cup of anthotiro (ανθότυρο) - which is one of my favourite Greek cheese (a variation of mizithra), buttery and soft.
- 2 tablespoons of organic honey
- a touch of lemon and orange zest
- a dash of liqueur to your liking (I used saffron tsipouro)

I added just a little tsipouro to my figs. Combined the zest with the anthotiro. Served the cheese in the middle of a small dessert plate, drizzled the honey on top, and arranged the sliced figs on one side of the plate.

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