lovely Geneva

Oh how much I love this city. And my new job. I am making an effort to speak French (very experimental, but I think those that are Francophones appreciate the effort).

Food is insanely expensive. NYC is cheap compared to Geneva. That said, I think there are ways of finding reasonably priced food products, particularly in ethnic shops (huge fan). As in Les Pâquis (my favourite section of town). Today I went for my first walk around the lake (stunning vistas, freakin' gorgeous day) - and at some point, I stumbled upon a little Portuguese shop where else but in Pâquis. I discovered this olive oil that my friend Fernandes from Oxford used in her kitchen. I, naturally, argued in favour of the superiority of olive oil from my mother's village outside of Kalamata. I got all nostalgic about my Oxford days and ridiculously wonderful friends (whom I miss dearly) when I saw the label.

On a final note, I discovered a lovely cafe in Pâquis - Café Art’s. It had vibe, good food, GREAT cappuccino, and funky folks. I think that will be my hangout. It's open late. Like everything back in Athens.

Bon weekend.

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