what will America's next president do about food?

A colleague of mine in Oxford last week told me about a must read, the October 12th issue of the New York Time Magazine.  They did an entire issue dedicated to food issues, and from what I understand there's a very well written article on the food crisis, with reference to what the next US president will need to consider to address it.  I think we may be seeing Obama embrace that role given the latest polls coming out of the States.

I just finished an experiment (yes at 2:50am), so I must go home, but I will have to leave this issue (which you can access online) for tomorrow.  

And just to let you all know, Oxford University has a farm apparently.  Who knew.  I found out about this after the principal of Somerville College brought this to my attention last Friday.  I had the privilege of representing my college at a breakfast meeting between students and faculty headed by the University Registrar, Dr. Julie Maxton.  I raised the issue of food sustainability with everyone, which sparked a good conversation.  I really would love to see Oxford do what Yale did (with regard to promoting organic/free-range foods in their dining halls).

For more on the Oxford University farm click here.  Strange McDonald's which I despise is a sponsor.  I'm going to arrange a trip to this farm very soon.

Over and out.  Good night.



that mcdonalds is a spnsor should make you suspicious
as for the us president, if it's obama, he might take a more benevolent stance on the food crisis, but if it's mccain, i'm sure he'll keep corn syrup a staple in people's diet...

Sam Sotiropoulos said...

President Elect Obama can always appoint me to be his advisor on the "Food Crisis" and Greek food could become the staple food for a whole generation of Americans!