kataïfi (tastes like baklava, but texture's different)

photograph courtesy of KALOFAGAS

Fellow Greek food blogger Kalofagas has a super blog with super recipes.  I invite you all to visit his site, and as of last night, he posted what is one of my favorite kataïfi recipes. This is a very popular and special 'syropiasto' (referring to Greek desserts that have a honey-based syrup on them), which has its roots in Asia Minor.  My mother makes it at times, and she includes walnuts in the filling.  This particular recipe here has a mixture of nuts.  A decadent dessert, for sure!

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Peter M said...

Yianni, I knew you'd love the Kataifi post but didn't expect you to be such a cheerleader too!

Thanks for the link-luv, wish I could send you some.