president Obama on a healthier, and more fit America

I found a great article in today's Huffingtonpost.com (it's actually from a different news source, Health Magazine's website to be exact) on Obama's likely effect on America's health.  On the wellness front, we all know obesity defines us as a nation right now in 2009, along with the so-called 'big killers', cardiovascular disease and cancer - the leading causes of death.  I get a sense Obama is a man who understands the link between food stamps and poor health outcomes in American communities.  As a public health professional and someone who advocates for more sustainable food production and healthier eating choices (and practices), I hope our new president will promote and formulate the types of policies that the US really needs to put a dent to these trends.

For more on this article by Julie Upton, click here, s’il vous plaît...

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Priya said...

if you haven't already, you must read The Omnivore's Dilemma. I'm sure you've already read it, or at least heard of it. It's shocking in a lot of ways - but with this new political front, I do think things could change...what do you think of the new agriculture guy, by the way?