lentil soup (with a little bit of porcini mushrooms, feta, and thyme)

Off to bed. As if I'm going to post the recipe now for the lentil soup I made today. I want to but I can barely keep my eyes up. I know. I have had so much work today that I am finally getting to this thing called a blog to which supposedly I'm supposed committed. Apologies to all you lovely folks who read up. Have just been knackered from my great trip. However, one thing I have to say - you all should really look into submitting a paper at the 2010 Oxford Symposium. I attended this weekend, and I can say it was one of the most inspiring conferences I have ever been on.

And shaking the hand of the legendary Raymond Blanc was an experience in itself. He's a superbly lovely man. I'm also after this weekend a huge fan of world-renowned food writer Geraldene Holt.

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