can you really afford to buy quail eggs?

My pocket is a  bit tight these days (England, PhD, you figure it out).  And just now, my labmate Srin asked me 'can you really afford to buy quail eggs?'

Maybe, maybe not.  But what I do know is that they are something I have never tasted, but really (and badly) want to do in the coming days.  Susan Murray raved about them a few days ago to me, and I'm keen on buying some.  Incidentally, I took notice of quail eggs in the butcher's shop on the Cowley Road.  

Any recipe ideas are welcome.  Scrambled, I say no to that.


Peter M said...

Geia sou Yianni,

I see you have a link to the Hatzi bakery in Thes/niki...I'm going to finally check it out this summer.

Yannis said...

It's fabulous Peter.
I so recommend it!

They have very good ice cream as well.

I also recommend Terkenli's Vizantio (in Agia Sofia square) for cake.

jmnk said...

hey yannis,

i have a recipe that my grandfather used to do with some quail eggs. it´s a simple soup but nonetheless very tasty:

- 2 small quails;
- 2 quail eggs;
- a handfull of orzo (or more if you want it more rich);
- mint leafs;
- 1 cinnamon stick; and
- salt and peper.

boil the quails until the meat is tender. separate the meat in put it in the stock along with the salt, and peper, mint leafs and the cinnamon. When it reaches boiling poit add the orzo and the quail eggs. you can add the eggs latter if you want them more soft on the inside.

I like it very hot... not good fore this summer heat tough.

Qualis are not that expensive here... you should try them next time you'r around.

take care,

Yannis said...

Joao thank you so much! I am going to try it man!

pixen said...

hi Yannis,

Gosh... quail eggs are expensive in Europe but amnot sure in US. In Southeast Asia, you can get less than 1 € for a dozen or in 20's @ fresh market and you can even buy the quails. Most of time I just buy their eggs which come either fresh or pickled like century eggs... :-D

Alex Rushmer said...

Mini scotch eggs - great to take on picnics. Just boil a quail egg for two minutes (tops) and then wrap it in seasoned sausage meat. Breadcrumb it in the usual way and then fry them (deep or shallow). Very tasty. I think Heston Blumenthal serves these in his pub, The Hind's Head

Yannis said...

this seems to be like a popular post! :)
thanks for the info Alex.
I'm going to try it as well.
now i've got two recipes to try and get back to you guys!

have a great weekend.
and happy 4th.

seanymph said...

I have a recipe on my blog for a salad made with them. http://mermaidstreasures.blogspot.com/search/label/quail%20eggs

But I have also made them as appetizers for a party. I made deviled quail eggs topped with a bit of caviar. Everyone loved them.