my very own fresh pizza dough

Fresh out of the oven.

Topping up with ingredients: mozarella, Dutch salami, bacon, sliced red onion, diced red pepper, garlic, and fresh Greek basil (with a dash of salt).

The dough base with olive oil organic tomato sauce with freshly ground pepper and a touch of salt.

I called my mother to ask her about her pizza dough recipe, and the first thing she told me was 'Honey, it will just be easier to buy pizza dough'. I was shocked! She's so Americanised. Mama Hodges actually gave me an important tip when it comes time to rolling out fresh dough. Corn flour. Sprinkling a tad bit of it over your dough ball allows for a smoother rolling of the dough itself.

I will post my very own recipes from last night, including the fabulous New Haven inspired white pizza with mashed potatoes, bacon, and garlic!

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Dale Calder said...

OK Yanni - you've got me sold! Sounds like just the treat I need for the two days off my 'diet' next weekend.

Keep up the good work ..