before you die, make sure you eat pizza at Pepe's

All Yale students are intimately familiar with the taste battle of Pepe's vs. Sally's pizza in the city of New Haven.  My favorite was actually neither.  Bar's pizza was just amazing (to be honest, all three are quite stunning).  I was spoiled in New Haven as far as pizza is concerned.  This remains the source of my bitterness from living in Oxford and not having access to great pizza.  But apparently, Bar's kitchen was run by a cousin or relative of Sally and Pepe.  I'm probably wrong, since I don't have any fact to back that statement up.  

Yahoo's travel section just had an interesting article on the ten places in America where one should eat before dying.  Well, Pepe's is on the list.  

By the way, a huge thank you to everyone for the apple recipes.  Already tried two and will write more on that later.  Thank you again.

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D!NG said...

I was never blown away by Sally's or Pepe's. Modern was always where it was at for me - did you ever try the fried eggplant pizza? However, I would also indulge in a plain cheese from Naples, mushroom from Yorkside (hot chilis and parmesan cheese), or an Alpha Delta Deluxe pie (the works).

I would also submit that "pizza"
is no more descriptive than saying "sandwich". Given that there are thin-crust and Chicago-style (or Greek-style), different sauces, toppings, etc. It is almost like comparing a tuna salad sandwich, with a hot meatball grinder. Both qualify as sandwiches, but only a fool would compare them directly. Different tastes, to be sure, and some places do it better than others.