olympic dim sum

In honour of the ongoing festival otherwise known as the Olympic Games, I wanted to share with you my recent (and utmost positive) experience at one of London's best Chinese restaurants.  Ping Pong has nine restaurants across greater London, and I have been a few times to the one near Embankment Station (South Bank).  It's easily accessible, and despite being set a bit away from the Thames, the ambiance and the design of the interior provides a modern Asian and comfortable environment.  And then there's the food of course.

My college friend Flavia treated me this time.  How fitting, it was the evening of the Opening Ceremony in Beijing.  Ping Pong is praised for its dim sum, which is what the Chinese specifically refer to a range of light dishes often served in a small steamer basket or small plate.  Typically served alongside Chinese tea, dim sum is often available from morning until noon.  At Ping Pong, you can have any time your heart desires (hence why it's a popular destination for many Londoners).

We ended up feasting on the following:

steamed scallop and shitake (superb!)
steamed  charsui bun (delicious)
traditional sticky rice (cooked very  nicely)
fried crispy Thai chicken spring rolls (fantastic!)
seaweed, rice, & duck wrap (a signature dish)
variety of steamed vegetables

I was about to finish off with a dessert, but I just couldn't manage.  Comfortably full.  If I were to, my choice would have been a sweet potato with coconut (the chef's special) where crispy fried sweet potato in strips of light pastry, topped off with grated coconut and served with coconut ice cream and honey.

I accompanied my food with one of their special flowering teas - the flowering red amaranth, which is a hand-tied green tea wrapped around a 'spectacular red amaranth flower' according to the menu.  It sure was spectacular, and tasted lovely.

Now doesn't that sound like a delicious excursion or what?  Thank you Flavia.

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