the best tsoureki ever?

I think we have a winner! My housemate Markos (technically he's former now, but everyone from the infamous Leopold/Catherine gang refuses to move on) brought me what I always ask for from Greece. Tsoureki (sweet bread). His mom always gets it from their local zaxaroplastio (pastry shop) in Nea Ioania (Mesologiou 24). It's called Τα Γιούλια (Ta Gioulia).

It's got texture, aroma, and it's always soft and never dry. Their contact information follows.

Τηλ: 210 2799766
Τηλ: 210 2798351

Also check this site out. Miltos catering. Hot desserts!


Anna A. said...

I'm partial at Vasso's tsourekia in Kiffisia... I have a thing for old skool.

Yannis said...

if i'm going to be tribal, i would say Terkenli from Thessaloniki, but in all honesty there's this little mom and pop shop right behind Kamara on Egnatia. It's called Paschalis. They make the best tsoureki in Thessaloniki.

prettybaker said...

I have to ask...sorry - what is the differemce between tsoureki and challa?

Yannis said...

Well the secret ingredient is something called mahlepi (very aromatic, comes from a mahlep tree, similar in some ways to mastic).

I think that's the key difference. We often also dissolve our yeast in milk, or brush some egg/milk on top. I suspect the milk is a no-go for proper challa in the Jewish tradition, correct? I had some during a lovely dinner in Israel back in 1997. Loved it! Very similar.

prettybaker said...

I never knew mahleb was a greek spice. It is used in many of the lebanese foods, as is mastika.
As for the milk in the challah - for kosher observance that is correct, but we don't all observe...oops, now I may be going straight to unobserving kosher law hell...lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yannis. my name is vanggelis and i am from greece {n.ionia}. i want to say o big THANK YOU from zaxaroplastio TA GIOULIA.