best eggs ever

If you live in the Oxford area (or beyond), then I highly recommend you visit this incredible organic farm called FAI (formerly operated by Oxford University) in Wytham (just northwest of Oxford city centre). I organised a trip for the Oxford Gastronomy Society last Friday. We were given an amazing power point presentation on the concept and daily operations of the farm by Corri Waitt. Pictures to follow. We were taken by an open trailer to see their sheep, cattle, and pigs. At the end of the tour, we had the opportunity to purchase produce, and I ended up buying a dozen organic eggs, along with smoked bacon. The eggs especially are just like the eggs you get from my mother's village in Messinia. Unbelievable.

The farm is having an open day in December, Sunday the 13th from noon until 4pm.


kathy said...

Hi Yannis,

I'm a journalist with the Athens News in Greece. We'd love to interview you about your new show on PBS. Hope to hear from you soon. ktzilivakis@gmail.com

All the best!

Yannis said...

Dear Kathy,
Thank you for your message. Molis teliwsa apo to teleftaio seminario and I had to make some post to the blog ( to ehw afisei ligaki teleftaia einai h alithia logou doulias).

Crazy day today.