beef stew by the wonderful Filitsa

Last night, I had the privilege of dining at my friend and scientific colleague Filitsa's home here in Oxford. She's a brilliant cancer research scientist, and an equally brilliant master in the kitchen. Filitsa has been blessed with the ability to take meat and produce in the UK and cook them in such a way that she transforms them into authentic Greek cuisine. She's truly a master of Greek gastronomy. I don't pass complements like this lightly.

The menu included:

freshly made focaccia bread with sprinkles of feta cheese

roasted red-peppers stuffed with feta cheese and steamed courgettes along with the cutest little tiropitakia (little cheese pies) sprinkled with honey and vinegar

kokinisto (the most beautiful beef stew in a tomato-based sauce with a touch of brandy and a Greek all-spice called bahari {μπαχάρι}) served in a roasted aubergine and potatoes dauphinoise

I will try to see if I can convince my friend to share the recipe ;)


Bellini Valli said...

If you ever do get the recipes out of her please do share...this dinner is right up my alley:D

Yannis said...

So sorry...I will, my friend Filitsa sent me the recipe, but I have been faffing (actually been really busy with the thesis), so apologies.....coming up soon, and I ensure you, you will love it!