greek kids rob supermarket, and then hand out food

No joke.  My best mate from America Justin just sent me an email with the subject heading 'was this you?'  Although I'm originally from Thessaloniki, I find myself in gloomy Oxford as I write this post.  So no, it wasn't me for the record.

THESSALONIKI, GREECE - Greek police say a group of about 70 youths protesting high consumer prices seized food and household products from a supermarket before handing them out to people on the street.

The youths, wearing hoods and crash helmets, also scattered leaflets outside the supermarket. Police announced no arrests. Thursday's robbery occurred in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki where Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis is due to give an annual speech this weekend on the state of the country's economy.

The rise of Greek food prices generally outpaces inflation. The cost of food and nonalcoholic drinks rose 5.2 percent on the year in July, when consumer prices were up 4.9 percent from July 2007.

-Courtesy of AP

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