foie gras can kill

Tissue fragment with amyloid in foie gras.  Congo red stain (Solomon et al. 2007) 

Oh God, it's already September.  Greeks are wishing me 'Kalo Ximona' ('Happy winter').  I don't want to think about that.  In any event, a big fat Greek happy birthday to my beautiful friend Maria.  We celebrated last night by enjoying a wonderful bottle of white at Summertown Wine Cafe.  Afterwards, we made our way over to Maria's flat, where in a desperate attempt, I made a Herculean effort to open up a can of foie gras (she claims it was of the highest standard).  I spent about 30-40 minutes, persistent, but in the end, unsuccessful in opening it up.

To my dismay, I found this study from last year that detected an increased risk for Alzheimer's disease with higher exposures to foie gras.  Scientists at the U. of Tennessee medical school fed lab mice foie gras, and then observed an increase in amyloid proteins in different tissues. Go figure.

Καλό μήνα μας!

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