my favorite new olive oil

Sometimes, I really love being Greek.  OK, most of the time, but what inspires this post at 15 minutes before midnight is my latest acquisition, which is a bottle of some of the finest extra virgin olive oil I have ever purchased outside of Greece.  It's produced by Gaea and it's from Sitia, Crete.  I just broke it open and had a taste.  There's a harmonious blend of richness in flavour and and a softness in consistency.

Agh!   God bless whoever imports this stuff to England. 


Christian said...

Did you buy it from the Greek delicatessen on Cowley Road?

I share your enthusiasm for good olive oil and just brought back a bottle from Italy.

Yannis said...

hey Christina,
No I actually got it from Somerfield's in Headington...I don't think Yanni at Meli has it? But he's got a lot of beautiful Cypriot oils.

It's excellent....

Yannis said...

i mean Christian!
not Christina!

Christian said...


jmnk said...

also a big fan of olive oil. my family still pruduces it. in november, if i have the time, i like going to the country and help with olive harvest. we keep a big bag of them to cure.

joão monge