gordon Brown lectures us on food and then eats caviar

I am the first to be a proponent for supporting the local farmer over the commercial giant. I am also the first to advocate for food not being wasted. However, I find the outcry over Gordon Brown and the rest of the G8 leaders feasting on an eight-course dinner at this week's G8 summit a bit too much, even for myself. But then again, if I were the one to be preparing this dinner, I would have tamed the quantity (let's say 4-course) and strived for quality in entertaining George, Gordon, and Angela at the luxury Windsor Hotel overlooking Lake Toya in Japan.

What was on the menu you ask? Word on the street has it that one starter what nine different foods in it. The main course was milk-fed lamb with herbs, accompanied by black truffles.
At some point in the feast, diced fatty flesh of tuna fish and crab made their way to the G8 table. And in terms of drinks, Le Rêve Grand Cru Brut champagne and fine wine were in abundance.
An interesting op-ed by the Telegraph's Lance Price seems to be particularly critical of the 'PR mishap' a few nights ago in Hokkaido. For more, please click here.

On my personal cooking front, I made a rib-eye steak in a yogurt marinade last night, with a potato and beet puree and roasted yellow peppers. Recipe to be published later tonight.

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