my big Fat Greek birthday (Part II)

a satisfying cake that came all the way from Swindon

I'm trying to make a peace sign, but it looks like I'm flipping Karen off (or Markos, I can't recall who took the picture)

After a fulfilling meal at Gee's, I came back home to find all the housemates there and was immediately told that Venus had won the 2008 Wimbeldon women's title.  I was happy to hear this, since I've always liked her game better than Serena's.  Plans for the evening were to see my South African friend Karen, along with her husband and baby boy.  They were going to come to Oxford for a few hours, and afterwards, the vivacious Eirini (means peace in Greek), friend of Vilitsa and fellow lab mate, wanted to take me to the movies at around 10:30pm.  

Karen came around 7:30pm, but the men in her life weren't feeling well so they stayed home.  She arrived with the most scrumptious, devilish cake, which her mum-in-law so kindly made for me.  It was such an unbelievably sweet gesture.  Karen had even brought candles.  The housemates and she sang their own rendition of happy birthday in English, followed by the Greek version (Karen and Salim seemed confused with the latter).  I made about a hundred wishes in a split second before blowing out the candles.  That was followed by three pieces of cake I ate all in the span of 5 minutes.  I was having my sugar rush, and loving it!  Karen stopped me at piece number 3.  Housemates went about their own thing, and got ready to go to our friend Nikos' party (who had just submitted his thesis).  As they were leaving, I agreed to possibly meet up after the movies at the party.

Karen had to get back home, and so she decided to drive me to Eirini's house (the infamous and aforementioned 'Vilitsa') where we'd pick her up and go to the movies.  Karen is not just a friend, but also my mom-away-from-home.  As we pulled in front of Eirini's house, Karen told me not to waste money on my mobile and call her, but to just go knock on the door to get Eirini.  As I got out of the car, I saw our friend (and Eirini's housemate) Fani come out of the house wearing a birthday party hat.  I figured they had made a cake for me or something to quickly eat before going to the movies.  But then I turned to Karen and said 'wait a minute, are they having a surprise party for me?' and she smiled and said 'yes'.  I asked her if she knew, and she responded 'of course' in a cheeky grin. 

I was fooled.  As I walked into the kitchen, all the Greeks (and honourary Greeks, including Samir, Basak, and Christina), along with the housemates, screamed 'surprise!' in their thick Greek accents (especially George).  It was so sweet!  Eirini had me going the entire time. I was unbelievably clueless.  I guess since Friday afternoon Facebook messages were circulating to plan this.

The tall Aussie Matt came, he brought a bottle of ouzo for the festivities, we cut another cake (this one from my M&S, in the shape of a bear, chosen by Salim for some weird reason), drank, and had a blast.

The party continued at Nikos' place, which was great fun, with lot's of ouzo, wine, and loud music.  I went to bed that night (as in 3am) very thankful for having such special in people life.  

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Karen Michael-Cox said...

I would like to think of myself more as big-sister-away from home as I am only 3 years older than John. But you see, this is what happens when you become a real mum... you become everyone's mum!!! Still, happy to have at least one of my "children" at Oxford. All the other does is eat, sleep, play and poo his pants (being only ten months old)