marko's birthday present

Markos Karavias, housemate, friend, Greek brother, and personal food critic, got me Giorgio Locatelli's cookbook 'Made in Italy: Food And Stories'.  It is a very comprehensive guide on Italian cooking (with a very charming personal account of Italian life) by one the preeminent chefs of the Italian culinary tradition.  I trust the housemate, since he noted that this book is an essential addition to my library.

I'm very eager to read this, since it appears to be inclusive of interesting, colourful, and honest recipes.  I'm also very keen on paying a visit to Locatelli's London restaurant - Locanda Locatelli, his first independent venture and the recipient of a Michelin star in 2003.  Just curious as to how deep into my pocket I'll have to go for this one.  Surely, it will be worth it however, since I am a huge fan of the cuisine of our Mediterranean neighbour.


Maria said...

Johnny.. Tell Marko Xronia pola for me!! Na ta ekatostisi!! I hope he finds a good recipe and cooks me dinner one day.. lol!!

Yannis said...

re Maria, it's was HIS birthday present to ME!