plea on food waste by PM Gordon Brown

As the G8 Summit is underway in Japan, the global food crisis is high on the agenda.  Gordon Brown urged Britons to not waste food.  For more on this, click here.


Karen Michael-Cox said...

This is probably going to generate a HUGE outcry from the Foodinistas, but I could not help myself: AA Gill in the Sunday Times on one of my chief annoyances - couldn't have said it better myself:

"One of the great bonuses of the imminent grand depression is that it looks as if the first casualty will be the utterly bogus and cynically manipulative organic-food movement. The vertiginous ascent of costs has been a straightener for restaurants; apparently, cheap, simple dishes have doubled or tripled in price. At the same time, customers are more price-conscious. So, using organic ingredients when there is no discernible taste or digestive benefit, only the mild scent of fashionable self-righteousness, is hardly worth it. "

Yannis H. Mameletzis said...

:) Karen I semi-agree with you.

I will gather my thoughts (in my sleep) and get back to you.

You know I love debate and huge outcries!
Good night.

Yannis said...

I have to check on what they agreed-upon at the summit today.