greek-American homemade yogurt

My dearest friend Maria from Rhode Island (USA) just sent me the following recipe upon request. It's verbatim from her mother, the legendary Elizabeth Degaitas. The Degaitas' are the quintessential Greek-American family. They are all about family, food, and community. They originally hail from the mythical islands of Paros and Naxos in the Aegean Sea. Their cooking is a fusion of Greek island, American, and Italian. The Degaitas' love for others is expressed through their hospitality and the quality of their food. When I lived in Rhode Island, and every time I go back, Elizabeth's door and kitchen are always open. She treats me like one of her own, and I'm privileged to know and care for this family. Word.

One gallon of milk to boil (whole milk!), bring to a boil. Turn off the fire. Let it cool down to the temperature where your finger can be comfortable in it. Then, 2 cups of plain yogurt, then take 2 cups of the warm milk. Mix together and then put it back in the pot with the rest of the warm milk.

Heat your oven to the smallest temperature you can do it. (200° F). Then once it's at 200° F, shut off the oven, then place the yogurt into the oven overnight. The day after, put in the fridge, let sit for a couple of hours (to chill), then strain with a cheese cloth.

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Peter M said...

Yep, it's a similar approach to homemade yiaourti to my moms...all the best to Liz and her family.

Sarah said...

Hi Yannis,
Where in Greece is your family from?
My relatives come from Cyprus, a little different but I find the food to be nearly identical. :-)

I made my first attempt at baklava a few months ago- http://suiteapplepie.blogspot.com/2008/02/recipe-baklava.html It was a big hit! I love how easy baklava is, but it has that "wow-factor" for those who don't know.

Maria said...


You are too cute! You have the nicest words to say about me and my family. Of course, it goes both ways and you and your family are just as loving and hospitable as anyone I know. Good luck with the recipe and let me know how it comes out.

Summer said...

this is pretty much how i make my yogurt...i should include the recipe on my blog. thanks for sharing. really nice blog and recipes.